Canadian Grassroots

Canadian Grassroots


Location: The Joutel property is located approximately 150 km to the NE of the city of Rouyn-Noranda, in Joutel Township, Québec.
Property: The Joutel Property contains 11 contiguous claims, totalling 613 hectares.
Geology and Highlights: The Joutel property is located in the northern part of the Joutel Mining Camp, approximately 4.3 km to the NE of Agnico-Eagle’s past producing Telbel Mine (6.2 Mt @ 6.57 g/t Au; these estimates are historical in nature and are not intended to be used as estimates of mineral resources as defined by the 43-101 standard).
Metals: Gold

The property is on same geological trend as the Casa-Douay Deformation Zone which hosts the Casa Berardi (prod. 3.7 Mt @ 6.7 g/t Au, Res. 8.2 Mt @ 5.3 g/t Au) and Estrades (prod. 50,000 t 10.25% Zn, 1.00% Cu, 4.38 g/t Au) mines to the west and the Douay Principale (res. 114.6 Mt @ 0.75 g/t Au Inferred and 2.7 Mt @ 2.76 g/t Au M&I), and Vezza (res. 2.2 Mt @ 5.5 g/t Au) deposits to the east. These estimates are historical in nature and are not intended to be used as estimates of mineral resources as defined by NI 43-101.

The volcano-sedimentary basin in the area of the Joutel Property, shows a flexture or thickening of the basin, possibly representing a zone of low pressure favourable for gold mineralization.

The Joutel Property is located along the same distinct regional NE trending structure that is adjacent to the Telbel mine as well as several other gold showings in the area, as defined in the Sigeom database, which include the Joutel Nord showing (7.90 g/t Au / 1.0 m), Zone C showing (4.45 g/t Au / 3.5m), Gagne showing (22.60 g/t Au / 1.5m) and the Onyx West Grid (11.7 g/t Au / 1.2m). Base metal showings have also been identified within 1 km of the property and include the Harricana-Turgeon M-17 showing (2.55% Cu / 0.3m).

The property is underlain by several isolated moderate to strong MegaTEM (airborne EM) conductors and magnetic highs as defined in the regional airborne geophysical survey flown by Noranda in 2009. Compilation of the historical data in the Sigeom database has indicated that these strong airborne EM conductors have never been tested by diamond drilling and warrant further testing.

The nearest hole and south of the EM conductors, hole J-87-11, was documented in the Sigeom database as intersecting a siliceous argillite in the first 1.6 m of the hole before coring in mafic volcanic rocks. This is similar to the geology hosting the gold mineralization of the nearby Douay deposit.


Location: The Morris property is located approximately 25 km to the east of the town of Matagami in Morris Township, Québec.
Property: The Morris Property contains 40 contiguous claims, totaling 2,218 hectares.
Geology and Highlights: The Morris Property covers approximately 8 km of strike with favourable geology along the northeastern flank of the Bell River Complex and the Matagami base metal camp as defined in the Sigeom database. This includes the same felsic volcanic rocks of the Watson Lake Group which hosts the massive sulphide deposits of the Matagami Camp.
Metals: Gold

The eastern extension of the Watson Lake Group felsic volcanic rocks has only recently been defined by the geological mapping and lithological sampling carried out by the Québec Government. This favourable geology is defined by the distinct geochemical signature as defined by the Zr, Y and TiO2 ratios.

The chemistry of the rocks on the Morris property is also distinctive by the presence of FIII type rhyolites, as defined by Lesher. These FIII rhyolites, which account for a small percentage of the felsic volcanic rhyolites in the Abitibi are referred to having the highest potential to host Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) mineralization and can be found in major mining camps such as Noranda and Matagami, as well as smaller felsic centers such as Joutel, Normetal.

Bedrock samples analyzed by the Québec government are also indicative of the presence of strong hydrothermal alteration typical of VMS deposits, as defined by the depletion and enrichment ratios of major oxides. This includes commonly used alteration indices such as Ishikawa (>80), Sericite Index (>80) and Spitz Ratio (>20).

Only an older airborne EM INPUT-type survey has been flown in the area. More recent regional MegaTEM surveys flown by Noranda (Xstrata) had stopped short of the current Morris property.

The favourable hydrothermally altered felsic volcanic rocks identified on the property are located along the southwestern extremity of a distinctive 2.5 km long linear magnetic high.

Of interest is a strong EM (INPUT) conductor identified on 3 flight lines associated with magnetic high, located approximately 1.6 km from the known altered felsic volcanics.

Compilation of available historical work in the Sigeom database indicates that no ground geophysics or diamond drilling has been undertaken on the property.

Horseshoe Island

Location: Ontario, Canada
Area: 2,448 hectares
Metals: Gold

The Horseshoe Island Property, located in Northwestern Ontario, is composed of 2088 hectares of contiguous mineral claims. The property is centered on Horseshoe Island in the east central part of Birch Lake, Red Lake Mining Division, approximately 102 km east of the town of Red Lake, Ontario. The property lies within the east-west trending UChi Sub province that stretches from northern Ontario into Manitoba. The UChi Sub province hosts the Red Lake, Pickle Lake and Rice Lake gold camps. The property lies within the Birch-UChi Greenstone Belt between the Red Lake and Pickle Lake camps.

A principal structure known as the Swain Lake Deformation Zone trends northeast along the north shore of Birch Lake, about 800 m northwest of Horseshoe Island. A secondary splay off of the Swain Lake Deformation Zone trends eastward and passes approximately 400 m south of Horseshoe Island. The Horseshoe Island Property occurs in the wedge between these two faults, a structurally favorable setting for gold deposition.

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